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  • Ahh grad school. A time for joy, coursework, and growth – most of the time. The other 20% can be occupied with sheer stress and distress previously unknown. Between demanding schedules and extracurricular commitments, there is a large question raised that is: Should I work while I’m in college? Within professional and academic advancements, I […]

  • A mentor I have worked closely with the last year recently shared the best advice I’ve received my entire academic career. She is someone who is not only intelligent but intentional in that she thinks 7 steps ahead. She has taught me to map out my deadlines, goals, and by doing so, the best path […]

  • Read Between

    My outrage continues to be fueled by the institutional abuse of power within a graduate program that constructs confines around and continuously places assignment on which skills are “relevant” in global health. Relevance? There are concerning discrepancies between a program that signifies cultural competency and positional awareness while also refusing to acknowledge a language course […]

  • Big Sis College Advice

    College. Whew. If you just began university, as in are wrapping up your first semester, hats off. I am in a similar position myself, having just moved to a new city for graduate school. As for undergrad, my first semester freshman year was complete wreckage. I piled on a multitude of rigorous courses, I was […]