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  • Thrillers to Read this Summer 2022 + My TBRs

    Whether you want to get back into reading this summer, or are looking for some hidden gems to add to your summer reading list, here are 5 books you shouldn’t miss and a copy of my own TBRs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ooo. I am shivering already. I truly enjoyed experiencing these plots and […]

  • Earlier this year, in a bookshop in Nairobi, I passed a beautifully labeled section. The sign contained two words that immediately overwhelmed me with a sense of belonging. “African authors” it said. Growing up in the US this was something I had never seen, and I was immediately challenged to immerse myself in this world. […]

  • I recently completed a children’s literature summer course in which we were prompted to analyze the importance of representation in children’s literature. I was confused to read discussion post responses that expressed the insignificance of diversity. Hmm. Similarly to virtually everyone on this earth, I carry many social identities. And a multitude of life experiences […]

  • “Goodbye Francie.” Having just read the last sentence of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn seconds ago, I was overwhelmed with comfort. This coming of age story that follows Francie Nolan in the early 1900’s presents the mysteries of life in a way that prompts readers to reflect on their own early discoveries. It was gifted […]