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  • Ritual vs Routine | How to Create Systems Not Just Practices

    In my most recent podcast episode, Habitual Living, The Art of Rebranding, & Pursuing the Best Version of YOU, I talk about the beauty behind new habits. After months of classes followed by months of travel, the ability to curate a schedule that aligns with my goals was mouth watering. I have always been one […]

  • Ways to Reset in Summer 2022

    Summertime. Something about the ultraviolet rays, backyard BBQs and late night bonfires is truly centering. Or, actually, maybe it can be attributed to the lack of sleep deprivation and a not-so henious schedule. Whatever it is, the free flowing spirit in the air from months June to August, is something most students look forward to […]

  • The dictionary defines storytelling as the act of telling or writing stories. Personally I have come to understand storytelling as a bold act, a courageous one, in which one shares experiences close to their heart for individual and communal understanding. The art of storytelling is powerful. It upholds knowledge within a community, while providing space […]

  • This month is my birthday month which means it has officially been a decade since I went natural. At 11 years old, I was inspired my Aunt to ditch the relaxers and reclaim my curls. The journey was quite easy at first. I was still wearing my hair in braids most of the time and, […]