Is it too late to start a podcast in 2021?

I launched my podcast today. It was terrifying… and liberating.

Two years ago, I started my podcasting journey. It has been beautifully chaotic. Throughout quarantine, as I became more skilled in podcasting and blogging, I realized I wanted to redirect my content. At first it was called In Pursuit, but there were already multiple In Pursuit podcasts, and I wanted to be entirely unique. So, I switched it to Kanini Kega. In my native language, Kikuyu, this means something small and sweet. Internally I kept reflecting on the fact that I wanted to encompass global health in my podcast, and I needed a name that would mirror that direction.

So instead of continuing to publish episodes while at the same time discerning direction, I stopped entirely. This was difficult, as podcasting had become my sound board for all things creative flow and stress management. But it had to be done. 4 months later I can definitively state that a break really allowed for clarity in terms of what I want to publish.

So you want to start a podcast? In short, no it is not too late. Here are 3 reasons why.

There are new and emerging shows everyday.

Although podcasting is not a new field, it continues to gain popularity.

It is simple.

While I love my microphone, I did not have it starting out. Don’t get intimidated by fancy technology but rather explore simple means of production such as the platform Anchor or using the voice recording app on your phone.

And most importantly,

Your experiences are completely unique to you and whichever niche you gravitate towards lacks the application of your perspective within it.

It is easy to look at podcasting platforms and view the industry as oversaturated. But having published the first episode of my new show today, Pilot | Global Health and the Power of Perspective, I can wholeheartedly share the sense of liberation that accompanies executing something you love.

So do the world a favor, grab a microphone, and amplify your voice. Besides, only you can tell your story in its entirety.