Putting the “Natural” Back in Natural Hair Care

This month is my birthday month which means it has officially been a decade since I went natural. At 11 years old, I was inspired my Aunt to ditch the relaxers and reclaim my curls.

The journey was quite easy at first. I was still wearing my hair in braids most of the time and, of course, I had a very patient mother to manage the transition.

About 4 years later, in 2015, I wanted my hair to reflect the change I had made many years ago. There was still straight hair at the ends and it was at this time I decided to do the big chop.

“Are you sure?” My mother repeated as I kept insisting we go shorter.

It was the most I had ever cut, and I was eager for the voluminous fro that is often associated with “natural hair.”

You see, most of my natural hair journey has been filled with braids and other protective styles. It is only in the past couple years where I actually learned to enjoy my hair in its natural state, and grow with it.

I’ve learned which protective styles I enjoy (such as these braids without extensions) or how I can straighten my hair for a cute bob.

I’ve enjoyed going in for trims and treatments, being pampered but ensuring a style won’t damage my hair.

But most of all, I’ve been navigating this journey. Trying to find the best potions and mixtures to retain moisturized, glowing hair.

Today I come to you, masked in a DIY deep conditioner. Just a simple concoction I found online. And after this I’ll have a restful wash night, with a homemade shampoo. In this portion of my journey I want to put the natural back in natural hair care. Give my curls the TLC they deserve, and enjoy the next decade.