Ritual vs Routine | How to Create Systems Not Just Practices

In my most recent podcast episode, Habitual Living, The Art of Rebranding, & Pursuing the Best Version of YOU, I talk about the beauty behind new habits.

After months of classes followed by months of travel, the ability to curate a schedule that aligns with my goals was mouth watering.

I have always been one with multiple lists, each one catered to an aspect of my life that could be improved. Overall I strive to live a life of wellness, one made up of health habits done everyday.

But change is difficult, it is hard to slowly begin living life a little differently. Whether its nutrition, faith, or mindfulness, healthy habits are often pushed aside when larger and more demanding tasks come my way.

So, of course as many bulleted lists do, my goals fell to the wayside this past semester.

Upon embarking a revitalization of what I want to change, I started to wonder what it would take for these bulleted lists to become sustainable systems. Daily habits that I ultimately don’t have to think twice about.

In accessing your goals and ambitions, in making lists and mentally tallying changes you desire, the missing element is the underlying definition. The why.

The why is what transforms a to-do list item into everyday living. Practices become systems and routine becomes ritual.

Ritual may seem a bit tangent. A deflection from habitual living and lifestyle improvement. It is something often understood as ceremonial or in the context of religion but rituals are simply practices with meaning.

What is the intention behind wanting to talk a walk everyday? Why does healthy eating matter to you?

In contrast to routine. The article, Routines, Rituals, Habits (discover the differences and more), describes it best, things we do routinely are percieved as tendious, mundane and something we have to do not get to do.

Reflecting on the intention behind your goals, whether its better mental health, improved relationships, or financial milestones, will become your driving factor.

This only requires a few extra words on your goals list. Journal before bed becomes journal before bed beacuse it clears my mind and I sleep better.

Understand what it means to you to live well and why. Once that is defined, what you set out to do will slowly become systems in your life, set in place by purpose.

Create rituals, not routines. Build the life you love with purpose, meaning, and intent as your fuel.