Ways to Reset in Summer 2022

Summertime. Something about the ultraviolet rays, backyard BBQs and late night bonfires is truly centering. Or, actually, maybe it can be attributed to the lack of sleep deprivation and a not-so henious schedule.

Whatever it is, the free flowing spirit in the air from months June to August, is something most students look forward to every year. It is the oxen, the stronghold behind second semester, pulling us in our wagon of exhaustion.

It is an opportunistic time. One in which time is no longer spread thin between classes, work, organizations, and trying to be a functioning human being.

Instead, we have the opportunity and capacity to invest time in hobbies, habits, relationships, and (sigh) what it means to have balance.

So, looking to reset this summer? Purr. Here are some ways to do so.

Revisit your new years resolutions.

Yes, those bad boys collecting dust in your notes. I love Janurary and the nature of reset it brings, but it is also a busy time academically and professionally, making it difficult to implement new habits. So now that time is a bit more variable, look at that list again, tweak it to mirror your current ambitions, and find ways to integrate your goals in your daily life.

For more on building systems, not just habits, read the blog post Ritual vs Routine.

Pick up a new hobby (or two!)

Or, go back to one of your old hobbies that you used to love. Whichever it is, spending time on something on a regular basis also comes with newfound excitedness. And what a better time to learn or grow a hobby than now?

I planted a garden the other day. Have I ever gardened in my life? No. Will anything I planted grow? No idea. But it was fun, and new, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have some homegrown veggies come fall.

Find a new way to grow your brain

What is a skill you’ve always wanted to acquire, but just did not have the time? There are so many learning mediums out there for languages, coding, science. Not to mention professional development classes available. Whether its Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, or something at your local community college, build in knowledge in this season of investing in yourself.

Have regular dates, check ins, and meetups with those you love.

I love being a student, but schedules and academic demands truly strips us of our ability to cultivate relationships. Ones that have regularity. So in this time, in additon to summertime events, concerts and festivals, pursue your friendships by setting up regular coffee dates, wine nights, or phone calls.

Lastly, reflect on the spring as you prepare for the fall.

Back to school season is more than buying pens and notebooks. It is a time to prepare for the semester ahead. And while summer is for rest and reset, it is also time to reflect on the months before to prepare for the months ahead. However that looks for you, look at:

  • What went well?
  • What would I do again?
  • Why didn’t that go like I thought it would?
  • What am I proud of?
  • And, how can this upcoming semester be my best on yet.

Summer is a beautiful time to recenter through practices you love. In discovering new places, and finding your people, I hope these tips help you kickstart your days of reset.